NACA partner of AU GALOP EN ANJOU: a partnership for young passionate riders

Au Galop en Anjou is an association dedicated to the organization and promotion of pony races in the Western region of France, in Anjou and beyond.

 pony races

What are pony gallop races?

Pony racing are among the 34 equestrian disciplines recognized by the French Equestrian Federation (FFE). It offers a unique experience to riders from 5 to 18 years old .

A chance for young riders to discover the world of racing, extraordinary sensations on real gallop tracks, on prestigious racetracks filled with spectators during racing days and all in a family atmosphere, (flat races or fence races)

An original pony practice for children looking for action but also a complete and complementary discipline to the "classic" disciplines which allows you to discover another way of riding, a new approach to riding, other codes, a different balance on horseback and another management of speed and gallop. These races can also reveal future vocations as jockeys.

 margaux moisson pony race

NACA proud partner of AU GALOP EN ANJOU

The entire NACA team is proud to support Au Galop en Anjou and its young riders, who are our champions of tomorrow. As part of this partnership, a NACA GRAVITY XP helmet will be offered at the end of an event in the French Cross Country Championships, which will take place at the Lion d'Angers racecourse on September 15th 2024. Throughout the season, NACA Gravity XP trial helmets are made available to be tried and tested, on foot, in training or during the races.

margaux moisson wearing gravity xp naca helmet

Thanks to their versatility, our helmets adapt perfectly to all disciplines: with the visor for classic riding and without for pony racing: you simply remove it and put on the hat cover. Several practices but only one helmet!
The little extra, they are made in France, in our workshop and you can personalize them HERE.

Due to its comfort, its lightness and thanks to the visibility provided by the XP chin strap, you will be able to ride in complete safety!
The little extra, they are made in France, in our workshop and you can personalize them HERE.


A partnership based on common values

A big thank you to Sigrid Gilet for her involvement and positive energy in this project and this partnership. We would also like to thank HIPPOMAT and PETITPAS saddleries where you can find our helmets.
Beyond a simple partnership, it is also a story of heart and value where bridges are forged between the different equestrian worlds. Because deep down, it is one and the same thing that drives us and unites us: the common passion for horses and sport.

calix moisson young hope jockey

More informations about pony races in France:

Find and try our helmets at HIPPOMAT and PETITPAS SELLERIE saddleries

© Photos: Sarah Esnault et SIGRID GILET
Jockeys : Margaux and Calix MOISSON