Warranty and after-sales service

NACA helmets are produced in France in our workshop in the South of France.
This allows us to have increased control at all stages of manufacturing and it also allows us to make unique customizations.

The legal guarantee of conformity is based on Article L. 211-4 until L. 211-14 of the Consumer Code as well as Article 1641 of the Civil Code concerning defects noted. The consumer has a period of two years from delivery of the goods to act. For more information, refer to the general conditions of sale by HERE .
Any warranty is excluded in the event of misuse, negligence or lack of maintenance on the part of the Purchaser, in the event of normal wear and tear of the goods or force majeure, in the event of repairs and/or modifications carried out by the user. or by a company not approved by UFO or NACA, as well as in the event of a fall or impact; in accordance with the safety requirements for personal protective equipment and according to regulation EU2016/425.


If you fall, we recommend that you return the helmet to us for a free technical expertise carried out in our workshop, in order to check for any damage, even if not visible, that could compromise its integrity and safety. To do this, please send us back the helmet with the  return form completed (download here) to the address mentioned (without interior and without visor). Upon receipt, an expert report and a quote will be sent to you.

However, it is strongly recommended to change it, as recommended by the European standard and regulation on personal protective equipment. The repair of helmets that have suffered an impact is subject to strict regulations. These will be made within the framework of safety standards, in the same workshop which produced it and following an identical production process.

If the helmet cannot be repaired, we offer to replace it with a new one (replacement possible only once) with a preferential rate:
For a helmet that is between 0 and 6 months old (from invoice date): 50% discount
For a helmet that is 6-12 months old (from invoice date): 30% discount
For a helmet that is 12-24 months old (from invoice date): 20% discount
File processing time: 2 weeks
Shipping costs Europe 10€ - Shipping costs outside Europe on quote


The lifespan of a helmet depends on its use and the care given to it. It is recommended to change it every 5 years because over the time, the materials and components used to produce it are getting older and can compromise its integrity. It is essential to regularly check your helmet to ensure that it does not have any cracks, deformation or anything else. If there are any problems, we can check it. For safety reasons and compliance with standards, only UFO-NACA is authorized to dismantle and repair a NACA helmet.
For any problem where the legal guarantee of conformity does not apply, here are the prices for all repairs (if applicable):
Change of the chinstrap: 49€ including tax
Buckle change: 39€ including tax
Change of EPS: 39€ including tax
Glow polishing on the shell: 49€ including tax (does not remove deep scratches).
File processing time: 2 weeks
Shipping costs Europe 10€ - Shipping costs outside Europe on quote

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