On the evening of June 13, 2023, NACA HELMET was named Innovation Laureate during the “STARS ET METIERS” evening at the Toulon Opera, organized by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts in partnership with the Banque Populaire Mediterranean.

This evening made it possible to highlight craft professions, promote excellence and encourage boldness and innovation. It rewards companies for their ability to adapt to a constantly fluctuating environment.
On the program, the following three categories were at stake: the Entrepreneur Grand Prize, the Innovation Grand Prize and the Responsible Grand Prize.
Many passionate artisans and entrepreneurs were present.

NACA HELMET, selected for the GRAND PRIX INNOVATION 2023, was lucky enough to receive this prize awarded by the CMA jury. This trophy awarded by the Chamber of Trades aims to select Var companies which stand out in their sectors. The latter rewards innovation in all its forms: technological, organizational and commercial.

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We were selected for the developments we made to launch our new brand of NACA helmets for their innovative side. This in terms of technology, apart from the fact that they are manufactured in our workshops in France. More particularly our motorcycle helmets, which have patented manufacturing technology offering superior features to what exists. Riding helmets also have innovative features.

Thanks to this award, our 100% French expertise and know-how in the manufacturing of riding, motorcycle and bicycle helmets is highlighted!

Photo © Romain Chevé - Climax L’agence - Le Bleu Mouton

Thanks to BPMED for producing this beautiful video to view below.

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